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S.J. Delivery Service

P.O. Box 640684

San Jose, CA 95164


Same Day Time-Based


2 Hour 

Schedule to be picked up and dropped off (pending current deliveries that day).


All Day

Request in advance M-F: items delivered by 5 pm same day


Saturday Delivery

Scheduled by Friday at 5 pm
with pick ups before noon

Types of Deliveries


Expedited Pick Up & Delivery

Expedited service for pallets, boxes, packages and more, whether it be dock to dock, business to business, or business to customer. Whatever your deadline or timeframe, we can make your delivery.

Dedicated Deliveries

A regularly-scheduled solution for your daily, weekly, monthly or even seasonal delivery needs. Whether you need pallet deliveries to a set of clients or specific purchases to customers, we can handle your consistent requirements.